The Vineyard

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We are open for private tastings in our new wine tasting room with wine bar. Call Bryan  for reservations. 304-377-1404.

Vu ja de Vineyards is a terraced vineyard which has been planted on the contours of the land based on Permaculture principles, Bio dynamics and Sustainable agriculture.  Vu ja De’s approach maintains the health of the ecosystem around us. Think of it as acupuncture for the soil and plants. 

From healthy vines we create healthy wines.  Vu ja de farms in such a way that it is kind to every vine and creature found on our farm.  A meandering creek and several small ponds create micro-climates around the vineyard.  Vu ja de has a valley fog that rolls in during the morning hours to cool off the grapes before the sun awakens and heats up the natural growth of the developing grapes. 

Because of the constant temperature changes the grapes have a chance to develop all of their complex flavors and aromas to their fullest potential.  Because of Vu ja de’s contour planting technique we not only stop erosion but it allows all the potential water to be captured and then evenly distributes it to each vine in the purest form. 

Even in droughts by planting on contour and sub soiling in front of each vine row all of nature’s rain water is saved and goes directly to the vines roots.  This eliminates the need for irrigation and we rely solely on “Mother Nature” the way it was intended to be. Vu ja de works, plants and thrives as non-disruptively with nature as possible.